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A completely unique natural organic Leonardite extract which is not a nutrient in its own right but is designed to enhance nutrient uptake and translocation within the plant, in all flowering plants. It contains both soluble and partially-soluble Humic acids to stimulate growth and boost plant resistance to pests and disease, as well as very soluble Fulvic acids to enhance nutrient movement within the plant (translocation). Humistar is far more concentrated than many commonly marketed humic extract products. It is formulated for effective use in all growing systems.

Pure Science Humistar is a highly concentrated and unique Micromix extract from the original Leonardite ore. There is probably more bad science and misinformation in the media and press surrounding Humic and Fulvic acid products in hydroponics than any other area of plant nutrition (except perhaps seaweed).

Background: High levels of humic acid and humates are common to all very fertile soils, and are missing from soils where the fertility has degraded. They support and accelerate the movement of nutrients from solution in the soil into the roots of the plant. Fulvic acids are extracted from the same Leonardite ore as humic acids and they increase the permeability of plant membranes speeding up the movement of key nutrients within the plant. Humic acids in Humistar function like carriers, collecting the cationic nutrients and moving them to the root hair to increase availability at the absorption sites on the root. Humistar makes nutrient solutions mimic the positive benefits of growing in soil without the negative influences of variations in CEC and pH that soils introduce.

 Humistar is the latest result of investigative and trials work going back to 1988 at Micromix. It is not simply enough to find a source of Humates and stick them in a bottle;- to take advantage of the many benefits that this interesting family of compounds can generate needs some Pure Science input.