PK Bulk

PK BULK is a unique & superior PK blend as it combines three products into one;

  1. A concentrated PK 18:20 designed to provide supplementary nutrition in all flowering plants.
  2. Maximises flower buds
  3. Promotes flowering using natural hormones from plant extracts

Typical Analysis:

Phosphate (P2O5):       180g/l

Potassium (K23O):       200g/l

Application Rates for all substrates

0.25ml/L          Following week 2 of flowering

0.5ml/L             For week 4

0.5ml/L          For week 5

0.5>1ml/L     From week 6 onwards

Flush              Final week

First add PK BULK into the tank, and then reach the required TDS with the basic flowering nutrients. Then adjust the pH between 5.8 and 6.2. You can use PK BULK in either hard or soft water.

Available in 250ml and 1 litre bottles