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ProBio is a cocktail of 38 different bacteria and fungi that were scientifically selected for plant beneficial attributes.  Proprietary microbial cultures were selected for the ability to:

1.  Release nutrients for plant uptake;

2.  Outcompete plant pathogens for nutrients

3.  Displace pathogens by niche occupation;

4.  Produce pathogen inhibitory compounds

The microorganisms in this formulation are stabilized and shipped in spore form, ensuring long-term stability and extended shelf life. Multilevel quality assurance processes extend far beyond our doors. Purity and microbial concentration is guaranteed for consistent and superior biological products in the hands of your customers. The microbial strains in this product are naturally occurring isolates that have not been genetically engineered.

Guaranteed Minimum Beneficial Bacterial Concentration  :  2.5 billion CFU/g

Guaranteed Minimum Beneficial Fungal Concentration  :  2.5 million CFU/g

(CFU= colony forming unit)

Multiple Bacterial and Fungal Species

•  Naturally occurring, non-engineered

•  Aerobes and facultative anaerobes

•  Positive chemotaxis

•  Stabilized bacterial and fungal spores

Directions for use
Ensure all equipment is CLEAN and free of residues from previous use.  SHAKE or STIR the product THOROUGHLY, before SLOWLY adding required quantity to fresh solution.  MIX WELL before use and make up a solution for one week’s use, then top up as necessary.

Rates of Use
May be used in all growing situations:
Soil based systems: Mix 1g of ProBio into 10 litres of water and apply to 10 m2 of soil surface at the start of the growing programme.

Coco and Hydro systems: Mix 0.4g of ProBio per 10L of nutrient liquid.

NB: Not to be used in conjunction with OXYBLAST or any peroxide based product that will attack bacteria.