Rescue Remedy

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Rescue Remedy is totally unique and is laboratory designed and tested to help bring backward plants to maximum yield potential. It works in all flowering plants and most vegetables be they monocots or dicots.  When the source of the restriction to plant development has been corrected Rescue Remedy will make an enormous difference to growth and development by utilising the plants own steroidal repair mechanisms.

It can be successfully used in either hydroponic or soil/compost based growing systems, and must be used as a foliar spray.



 The pure science Rescue Remedy is a ready to use product with a unique blend of natural plant steroids and a carefully designed mix of concentrated nutrients, Ascophyllum extract, plant extract amino acids, alginates, sugars, phyto-allexins and natural brassinosteroids.

This Ready To Use Mix contains Nitrogen, Phosphates, Potash, with Boron, Molybdenum and chelated Manganese, Copper, Iron, Zinc at trace levels.

A feed chart guide to rates of use is available for pure science Platinum feeds and the Evoponic additive range from your local retailer, or contact Evoponic direct.

Foliar Application: It is a Ready to use product, spray over the leaf surfaces LIGHTLY.

Apply LIGHTLY twice a week until healthy growth is re-established.

Apply weekly to plants that you wish to benefit from the beneficial Brassinosteroid effect

NEVER spray to run-off.