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He's a beast who gives David a run for his money.

Evoponic Badge

Late Mass builder.

Plant booster.

Increases yield up to 30%.


Ensure all equipment is CLEAN and free of residues from previous use. SHAKE OR STIR GOLIATH THOROUGHLY before SLOWLY adding the required quantity to fresh solution. MIX WELL before use and make up a solution for one week’s use, then top up as necessary.


Use only in either week 6 or 7 of flowering:

Use 20ML per 10L

for 1 week only.

Use on its own or create your perfect grow schedule


Stimulate growth

Oh she makes your plants feel gooood. Every Time.

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Bud Bulk


ALL STAGES - for throughout flowering

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bbc v2 evoponic pouch


(Beneficial Bacterial Culture TWO)

A high strength cocktail of complementary beneficial organisms - for the flowering stage

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Evo Accelerator

Enhance growth throughout vegetative and flowering periods

She loves to get your plants all revved up. Total fitty.

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Bud Explosion

Flowering Initiator

STAGE 1 - for weeks 1-2 of flowering

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For beasting blooms

He's a beast who gives David a run for his money.

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Super Rootz

Supercharge growth below ground

He’s no commitment phobe. Putting down roots is his M.O.

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Liquid Ice Evoponic Pouch

Liquid Ice

Protects against overheating

Prevents wilting as temperatures rise and allows plants to cope with heat stress, even above 30C.

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Pythium Eradicator

Protect your young plants against Pythium and other root diseases

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