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It's our mission to source the best, nutritious ingredients in the world to improve the yield and quality of plants & crops. We've tried and tested our product formulations which have anti-stress properties and contain an array of biologically active materials which combine to enhance flowering and fruiting.

All our products are created in our lab, here in the UK.

Evoponic is the UK's biggest manufacturer of unique and effective growth products. We offer the perfect solution for indoor growing enthusiasts across the world. Our products are created with you in mind, we genetically alter your plant with base materials which are nutritious, and have fewer pesticides - effectively helping your plant grow quicker and healthier.

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No gimmicks. Our products do what they say on the tin and get the job done.

Want your plants to thrive? Don't worry - we've got you covered. Our stuff seriously works... honestly like magic. All our products are tried & tested to give the BEST results. Increase yield? Easy. Want your flowers to bloom like crazy? Sorted. Need your plants to survive these unpredictable weather changes? Done.

It's our mission to source the best ingredients in the world to improve yield & quality of plants and crops.

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    Evoponic is the UK's biggest manufacturer for unique and effective hydroponic products.
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    Designed to genetically alter your plant to speed up growth, recovery and boost flowering.
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    We deliver exceptional biostimulants and problem-solving solutions for indoor growers.
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    Organically based and specialist ingredients which are designed to improve growth and performance.
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    We are scientists - we make your plant growing ideas a reality.
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    Our formulas contain an array of biologically active materials, plant growth and photosynthetic intermediates.

It's plant evolving time.

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what's happening in the lab?

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