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Rooting Gel

Evoponic Badge

Following rigorous testing under the most demanding conditions, Rapid Roots has been introduced to compete with existing synthetic chemical products on equal terms but with a natural organic material. Subsequent testing has proven that it in everyday use Rapid Roots will outperform its non-organic competitors.

Enhanced with a mineral extract of humic-rich leonardite to produce a greater growth response than synthetic hormones.

Take your cutting from a healthy and actively growing plant. Dispense an adequate amount of Rapid Roots to a dipping tube or container. Dip the cut end to a depth of 2 cm into the Rapid Roots and immediately transfer to your propagator. Maintain cutting in moist conditions conducive to growth until plant has effectively rooted.

Use on its own or create your perfect grow schedule

bbc v2 evoponic pouch


(Beneficial Bacterial Culture TWO)

A high strength cocktail of complementary beneficial organisms - for the flowering stage

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Platinum Grow B

Designed to maximise yields

Provides vital nutrition during growth periods

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Super Rootz

Supercharge growth below ground

He’s no commitment phobe. Putting down roots is his M.O.

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Watersaver Evoponic Pouch


Protects against drought conditions

The ideal insurance against interrupted watering plus strong biostimulant activity.

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Platinum Flower A

Enhance flower production

Provides vital nutrition to flowering plants

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Liquid Ice Evoponic Pouch

Liquid Ice

Protects against overheating

Prevents wilting as temperatures rise and allows plants to cope with heat stress, even above 30C.

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Bud Honey

Flavour enhancer

She’s such a sweetie that all your buds will love her.

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Magi-Cal Extra

Boost yield and health

He just shows up & gets the job done. Mysterious B*****d.

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For beasting blooms

He's a beast who gives David a run for his money.

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