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Protect your young plants against Pythium and other root diseases

Evoponic Badge

Protects plants from Pythium.

Defends against root disease.

Improves plant growth.

Contains effective root development biostimulants.


A a seed-soak, and starter treatment.

Add 2 tablets to 1 litres of water and leave for one hour; soak seedlings overnight before planting (use the remaining solution to add to 100L of nutrient solution).

Transplanted cuttings: Stir again and either root dip the rooted cuttings or apply to base of new plants or seeds as a soil treatment.

We recommend using an algae-based additive like Super-Rootz to your solution.

Use on its own or create your perfect grow schedule

Mother Nature CO2 Generator Image

Mother Nature CO2 Buckets

Forced Air CO2 Generator - Refills Now Avaliable

monster CO2 Output. lasts for a minimum of 6 months

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Bud Bulk


ALL STAGES - for throughout flowering

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For beasting blooms

He's a beast who gives David a run for his money.

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Watersaver Evoponic Pouch


Protects against drought conditions

The ideal insurance against interrupted watering plus strong biostimulant activity.

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Rapid Roots Organic Rooting Gel

Organic Rooting Gel

Rooting Gel

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Evo Accelerator

Enhance growth throughout vegetative and flowering periods

She loves to get your plants all revved up. Total fitty.

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bbc v2 evoponic pouch


(Beneficial Bacterial Culture TWO)

A high strength cocktail of complementary beneficial organisms - for the flowering stage

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Bud Power

Late Flowering Enhancer

STAGE 3 - for weeks 6-8 of flowering

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Liquid Ice Evoponic Pouch

Liquid Ice

Protects against overheating

Prevents wilting as temperatures rise and allows plants to cope with heat stress, even above 30C.

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