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Feeding Schedules

What to apply and when for BEST RESULTS
Feeding Schedules

Review our recommended usage table for the best results with growing your plants.

The schedule as published is for general use.  For those wishing to undertake more advanced growing regimes, please seek guidance from your supplier or direct from evoponic.read more about Feeding Schedules →

Pests & Diseases

Prevent and combat crop infestations
Pests & Diseases

The key to successfully growing high yielding crops is to prevent the stresses that are put on plants when fighting disease or pest infestations.  Prevention is better than cure, so boosting the resilience of your crops as they grow is critical – This is where the Evoponic Additives can really help.

If it’s too late and you already have a pest or disease problem, then read on for advice on how to rescue the situation.read more about Pests & Diseases →